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A set of pluriversal exercises meant to activate the contents of this web magazine and the podcast series. Try them out and send a mail to to let us know what happened.

Exercise #1 On sexual creative energy

This exercise goes with episde 6 of Warming Up to the Pluriverse and adresses the notion of a child-like sexual or sensual energy that we tend to disconnect from when growing up. Listen to Chilean curator Camila Marambio dive into ‘that beautiful thing that we feel in our whole body’. A thing linked to the vagus nerve that connects the brain to our sexual organs. Can you (re)activate this nerve within yourself? 

Exercise #3 On making the yes and the no

This bonus exercise from Warming Up to the Pluriverse #8 with Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imaginary (Jay and Isa) is all about choosing a ‘sit-spot’ and building up a relation with it over time. Thanks to Starhawk for inspiration and guidance and Jack Jordan for sound production.

Exercise #2 Making life anew

A pluriversal homework task from episode 7 of Warming Up to the Pluriverse, imagined by Arturo Escobar and based on the work of Jamaican philosopher Silvia Wynter. If you could remake your own life, what would you make? What would you connect to and disconnect from? Can you re-imagine choice and freedom from the perspective of radical interdependence and relationality?


Grab a diary, try out this self-ethnography, and send us your findings. 

Exercise #4 Thirst walk

This exercise in place acupuncture and synchronicity was carried out as part of Testing İstanbul’s Waters with participants from Turkey and The Netherlands. All land on Earth is part of a watershed. Which connections can you imagine?


Organise your own synchronised Thirst Walk & Talk.