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Wong and Krier have adopted a perspective put forward by Arturo Escobar in his book Designs for the Pluriverse: Radical Interdependence, Autonomy, and the Making of Worlds (Duke University Press, 2018) – see the background page in this web magazine.

What are the consequences of these pluriversal notions in daily life?

The search was initiated as a part of The Travelling Academy, visiting locations in and around Europe, bringing together local and Netherlands-based designers. Together, they explore how formal and informal forms of knowledge development can reinforce each other in tackling social and spatial issues. For their search Wong and Krier visit five locations at the fringes of Europe: İstanbul, Casablanca and Berlin (often seen as gateways to and from Central Asia, North Africa and old Europe respectively) and two rural areas: the Isle of Mull and Asturias (as places for self-sufficient living). For each edition, four makers join Erik and Sophie: two locally based, and two based in the Netherlands. Every conversation and encounter builds on the previous one in an effort to create a vibrant network that connects different places, types of knowing and ways of living.

You can access all the talks via the instagram account that functions as a radio guide. You can also look for the talks on the podcast platform of your choice.


Besides the podcast series, there is an exhibition that will open on 22 April 2022.


As well as watching and listening, you can also read the introduction to the pluriverse by Dirk van Weelden.